Family owned and operated, INDUSTRIAL TOOLS & SUPPLIES has been providing Windsor & Essex County with the best quality tools since 1960. Fred Lee and George A. McKee opened ITS on October 1st, 1960 and was originally located at 3298 Walker Road (800 square feet). By 1964 the ITS staff totaled 5 (including Fred and George). After many years of growing up with the business, on December 10th, 1971, George A. McKee’s son George McKee purchased shares owned by his father.

Soon after, ITS experienced growing pains and relocated in 1972 to the present location at 3300 Walker Road. At that time the business occupied 3000 square feet and had six employees. Like father like son, on February 15th, 1980, Fred Lee’s son, Bruce Lee, had his father’s share of the business. 1995 brought more expansion with the acquisition of an additional 3000 square feet and of the company’s first computer system. In 2013, with staff now doubled and a steady growing business, ITS continues under the leadership of Bruce Lee’s children, Michael Lee and Jodi Lee.

"Dedicated people working together to provide innovative solutions for the industrial market by supplying the highest value in quality products and service to exceed the expectations of our customers while maintaining the profitability and growth for the benefit of our employees, company and community."

INDUSTRIAL TOOLS & SUPPLIES has been providing the most innovative tooling solutions for the industrial market in Essex, Kent and Lambton Counties by supplying the highest value in quality products since 1960. Here at Industrial Tools & Supplies we offer a wide range of products for the metal cutting industry with a focus on cutting tools and tooling accessories. The main areas ITS focuses in on are: Die & Mold Shops, Aerospace and Automotive. It doesn’t matter if you are a big shop or small shop we have the tools for you.

To our valued customers and suppliers that have continued to support ITS through the years, THANK YOU. If it was not for your continued support ITS could never have achieved the reputation we have today of being the leader in our industry.

Technical salesman, knowledgeable order desk, efficient administration and customer service always striving to ensure your industrial tooling experience is second to none. The team at Industrial Tools & Supplies (Windsor) Inc. has always been committed to providing innovative, high-quality products based on advanced materials and components.

Our friendly, fast, talented team awaits you. Upon working with us once, it’s guaranteed that a loyal partnership is to follow.

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